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Drainage Systems


Ranger Yard Drainage Services & Installation: Protect Your Property

At Ranger Yard Drainage Services, we specialize in comprehensive drainage solutions designed to protect your property from the detrimental effects of standing water. With our expertise, we directly address and prevent the issues that can lead to foundation damage, landscape erosion, and unwanted water accumulation around your Cedar Rapids home or business.

Why Choose Ranger for Your Drainage Needs?

  • Expert Solutions for Every Situation: From flood prevention to ground re-sloping and sod installation, our services are tailored to meet the unique needs of your property. We ensure effective water management that guards against future problems.

  • Advanced Drainage Systems: Our range of services includes the installation of French & area drains, channel drains for patios, and gravity-fed catch basins, each selected and designed to offer the best protection for your specific situation.

  • Erosion Control and Water Barriers: We provide strategic solutions to control erosion and manage water flow around your property, including retainer walls and water barriers that serve as both functional and aesthetic enhancements.

Comprehensive Drainage Services to Secure Your Property

  • Flood Prevention: We implement proactive measures to prevent flooding before it happens, safeguarding your property against extreme weather and water damage.

  • Ground Re-slope / Sod: By adjusting the slope of your ground and installing high-quality sod, we ensure proper drainage and enhance the health and appearance of your landscape.

  • French & Area Drains: Ideal for discreet, efficient water management, our French and area drains are designed to prevent water accumulation and protect your foundation.

  • Channel Drains in Patios: Perfect for patios and hardscapes, our channel drains prevent water from pooling in outdoor living spaces, ensuring they remain usable and beautiful.

  • Retainer Walls / Water Barriers: Beyond their functional role in managing water, our retainer walls and water barriers add structured beauty to your landscape.

Partner with Ranger for Reliable Drainage Protection

Standing water is more than just a nuisance—it can lead to significant, costly damage to your foundation and landscape. Ranger Yard Drainage Services & Installation is committed to providing Cedar Rapids and the surrounding areas with reliable, effective drainage solutions. With our specialized services, we address the root of the problem, offering peace of mind and protection for your property.

Don’t wait for water to become a problem. Contact Ranger Yard Drainage Services today for a consultation and see how our tailored solutions can safeguard your property against water-related issues. Protect your investment with the experts at Ranger.

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25 Years Experience - Locally Owned & Operated - Licensed & Insured

About Ranger Landscape

As a full service landscape design and maintenance company we are committed to the belief that experience, hard work and competitive pricing will satisfy all your needs and exceed your expectations. We hope to hear from you and that you give us the opportunity to prove ourselves by providing the very best work and customer service possible.

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