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Boulder Walls

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Ranger Landscape has over 25 years experience crafting quality boulder walls to highlight your landscape design. We craft quality boulder retaining walls using a variety of natural, large boulders.

A boulder retaining wall is an efficient solution that uses far less material than alternative options. It can also protect sensitive areas of your lawn by barricading the soil to prevent erosion and runoff created by rainwater.


We have a variety of stone types for you to choose from. We’ll make sure that we create a boulder wall that’s not only sound but complements you and your home. Boulder walls require an elegant touch to make the volume of stones fit together securely.

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Protects Your Garden Soil
We utilize different stone types to provide a natural, beautiful look to your landscape or garden while remaining environmentally friendly. Not only does it provide a healthy home for your flowers, plants, and lifeforms that allow your landscape to grow without issue. 

Accents Your Outdoor Lounging

We can create luxurious boulder walls to accent areas where you spend time outdoors. We can craft you a rustic fire pit that’s more elegant than regular crude stones or wood. To mirror your new fireplace, we can create boulder seating walls to mirror the aesthetic and elevate the look of your lawn. 

Frames Your Walkways

Our boulder walls are also a luxurious way to line walkways leading to various areas of your home. Whether you have a flat walkway to your garden or elevated stone steps leading to the home, we can craft a boulder wall solution that complements the color of your home and landscape.

Divides Your Lawn and Cover Slopes

Boulder walls can naturally separate your lawn to create designated areas for plants, gardening, or other uses such as a bench area or home pond. Creating boulder walls that partition everything nicely creates nice, clean visual boundaries throughout the yard.


We also have experience creating natural walls to cover slopes, turning an otherwise unsafe area into a pleasing focal point for your family and potential visitors. 

Lasts Longer than Cheap Wood Solutions

Wooden retaining walls are typically cheap ways of retaining soil in your lawn. However, wood does not hold up long term to outside elements, especially moisture. Not only do boulder walls complete a natural aesthetic for your lawn, they’ll hold up long term without needing frequent replacement. 

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If you require a boulder retaining wall for any purpose, Ranger Landscape can provide solutions. For our clients, we create boulder walls for elevated gardens, walkways, slopes, stairs, lounges, outdoor kitchens, drainage, and more.

Boulder retaining walls are a beautiful aspect of our full-service landscape design. We’ll suggest ways to utilize these in ways that can truly extract the natural beauty of your home lawn. If you’re interested in constructing boulder walls for your home landscape, contact us today for a free estimate.

Alternatively, give us a call at (319)-573-3503 to find out more.

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About Ranger Landscape

As a full service landscape design and maintenance company we are committed to the belief that experience, hard work and competitive pricing will satisfy all your needs and exceed your expectations. We hope to hear from you and that you give us the opportunity to prove ourselves by providing the very best work and customer service possible.

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