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I travel all over the USA quite frequently and provide supervision and or the final product assembly for products and components I sell.

Concrete and Electrical work must be provided for our crew before installation. We can usually supply you with a name and number of a qualified Concrete or Electrical Business in your area.

Permits and site surveys are the responsibility of the owner/builder outside of Iowa.













3) "What is required before the Tiger Flex® Surface and the rest of your system is assembled?"

Answer: You will need a Concrete or Asphalt Base pad.

4) "Can I do this kind of thing myself ? "

Answer: Sure, In fact we have a new system for DIY installation of our Tiger Flex® Sport Surface that makes it as easy as 123. As for the entire court It really depends on the size of court and your natural ability, most likely the Concrete Base Pad should be done by a licensed contractor, as well contract out Lighting and electrical and maybe even Fencing or landscaping around the court. As for Installing the Tiger Flex Surface , Basketball Goals, Net Systems ,Shuffleboard Courts, Rebounders and Ball Containment Screens ...these tasks are much easier and most homeowners have the tools necessary in their own garage. It helps to have a buddy or two for some parts of the process.

If you can build a modern childrens playset, you can easily complete our final product assembly.

We can provide elaborate scale CAD designs and full instruction for all DIY homeowners and contractors.Remember no two courts are the same, and every situation and Court Layout may be unique...thats why you need us! To help you thru every step and insure that your project goes smoothly. Most tile suppliers or court accessory manufacturers will gladly sell at a discount but will not hold your hand all the way to completion. A casual 30' x 30' half court basketball is 50x easier than a full fledged 7200 sq ft Tennis court.













5) "How do we get an estimate or a design for our backyard court?" Answer: You can get a Free Estimate by getting together some basic information. The more information the better. If you are completely new to this we ask that you at least spend a few minutes going through our site getting familiar with our products and services. Here is what we need in order to start a quote or design. A) Your name and address for our shipping quote B) Court size and main activities...see our sample designs C) Any particular products and services you desire... Nets and ball containment , hoops , fencing ,Shuffleboard Courts, Indoor/outdoor flooring D)Then call us at 319-329-9382 or better yet... Emailing your Basic project info for a very quick response (click this link) Mail answered daily, and at max 48 hrs during busy periods. 6) "How long does the whole process take?" Answer: Again every project is different..If you are doing a simple 1/2 court basketball and can get the concrete pad in place fairly soon you could be playing on your new court in as little as 2 weeks. If you only need Tiger Flex Surface and maybe a new Goalsetter Hoop you could be playing in as little as one week. But then again...if you have a regulation tennis court in mind, then the process is more like 4 weeks to start at the soonest. Setting up permits, excavation, design, contractors etc. takes time, and most good contractors are booked for months. Just remember the hardest part is getting the concrete pad,drainage and any electrical runs in place. After that Its all downhill from there!














7) "How much does a Basketball Court or Putting Green cost to install?" Answer: About $10 Sq Ft. DIY (Do IT Yourself and or Partial Supervision) $15 Sq Ft Turnkey (Everything Designed and Installed By Us) That budget should Include all the site prep, concrete, surface,lines,basketball goal,light,netting and re sodding around the court. Just remember that in most cases a nicely appointed multi use athletic court will probably be at least $8 sq ft and as high as $15 sq ft depending on size, activities, your level of installation/contracting and the amount of maintenance you are willing to do to keep it beautiful and safe. This compares to the sq ft cost of a nice paver patio with landscaping just about anywhere in the USA.. 8) "What about maintenance?" I dont want to get into any more yard work". Answer: If you use a concrete pad and install our Tiger Flex tile surface over it,and use the recomended accessories there will be almost NO maintenance. Think about your concrete driveway... installed correctly, what kind of maintenance do you have with it? Absolutely NONE !
















And thats my complete supply you with a court that will last 30 plus years and have very little or no maintenance. In fact taking out 1000-7000 sq ft of sod will actually reduce your maintenance around the yard by about 25% or more. Think about it... No weeding,watering,mowing,fertilizing,aerating,mole control..... Thanks for visiting! Please bookmark my website site and pass it on to friends. Have a great day! We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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